It just isn’t done. Why Not?

Beach City, OH.

I have always been told by my father that ” I better not catch you with some black kid!” or by my grandmother “that just was never done in our church” or “I don’t know why. we just didn’t have that”. I could never grasp why my family was so discriminating against me or ANY WHITE PERSON being with a person of a different race. I have been trying to break these chains with my family. They have been conditioned and taught these ways through their lives and I know it is hard to change something you are conditioned with but I try to show them that this is not how to be. “what is so bad about-them-?”, “just by their skin color?!?”, “why not?”, “what would you do?”. Now I will also say that I have not gone against them. I want to say that I haven’t done this just because I haven’t found a person that I have loved yet but also there is this part in me that almost makes me so mad I feel sick that says I have not gone against them because it would be a hassle or why would I want to be the “black sheep of the family”. This sickens me that I even just typed that. My final thoughts are that it is hard to change your families opinions that they have literally lived with and PASSED ON, BUT you must try. You do not need to hurt others in the process, but you need to show them that WE are CRAZY to have these thoughts, and be rebellious and have your own opinion. . STAND UP for what you believe in! WE are ALL… a work in progress…..


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