Just one never happened friendship story

Julie B.,
Itasca, IL.

This story started on social network, I followed one blogger I have mutual friend with. She is black woman in her 30th, single. I was reading her timeline and it was pretty interesting meaning her style and subjects she chooses. We started exchanging comments and “likes” and everything was fine, I felt like she likes talking to me and we have thing in common until, I can’t even tell what happened, but after I sent her a friend request she blocked me completely… I read through our conversation and I could not find even one message that can give me an idea why it happened. I am white, I am 40. I have a kid and I am single. Her profile public, so all friends and family can read it. I have a feeling that because I came too close like becoming friends she decided she doesn’t need it or she was advised do not do that or I got really weird feeling that she play me from beginning just to be able to dump at the end… I don’t know why I think this way but seems like no other explanation. She has a video about people negativity, racism and many other post about social problems however we never touched that subject. Now I can only guess what went wrong. I am disappointed and surprised that people do such a childish things. I see only one reason – I am white and she hates me in general.


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