I am Both, Not Just One.

I-TallyLaura N. Weston,
Baltimore, MD.

About 80% of the time people assume (mostly men) I am Puerto Rican even though I am half Caucasian and half African American. I stress to everyone who thinks it is important enough to ask me what I am that I am Mixed or Biracial and I state with what. Most white people accept that answer and then question my hair texture and most black people respond “oh, you’re black”. I don’t believe in the “one drop” rule. Yes maybe “one drop” of it may have made my skin color darker. But it doesn’t erase only growing up with your white mother and brothers and identifying with them.

I tread lightly on racial issues and now that I have a daughter I question everything I do or say in regards to it. My daughter came out lighter than me and her father is black. To me she’s mixed. That’s what I have to pass down to her because I will not claim just one. I am not sure how it will affect her view of herself in the future but the best example I feel I can give is being sure of myself and accepting of the multiply facets of myself.

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3 Responses to "I am Both, Not Just One."
  1. Jack W says:

    Very interesting. So the white half of your heritage is made invisible, and people automatically place you in a “people of color” group. It’s almost as if you have been accepted into a club that can blame white people for everything, and are exempted from the club of “white people” that gets blamed. But of course, you just want to be seen for who you are.

  2. Vannesa Yeager says:

    I dont think there is anyone alive today that is not of mixed race. I am also Puerto Rican but Im mixed with German, Dutch and Native American. I have light skin that makes people identify me only as “white”. The President of the US is half white and half black and he is called only “black”. People tend to see others as only a skin color and nothing more. You are labeled weather you like it or not.

  3. Paulina Persson says:

    I really enjoyed your post! I agree and can totally relate as myself I am half Puerto Rican and half Swedish. Everyone just assumes your race due to your skin tone when in reality anyone could be from anywhere. Especially today with so many racial internarriages who are people to think they know where you are from. So many ignorant people in the world.

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