My kids are “beige”, not white…

Levittown, NY

My three children are a mix of English/Irish and Puerto Rican and when you line them up in a row, you can see one mirrors me, the second mirors my husband and our third is a pretty even split down the middle and can “fit” either side of our mixed family. A family member I will not name once told my 7 year old in front of his younger sister and brother he was white which caused his 6 year old sister to question why she wasn’t white like he was…how do you explain these concepts to children who are being raised not to see or judge color and ethnicity as if it were golden ticket or a handicap?? I explained to them that day that none of us (in our family) are “white”, we are just different shades of beige…some lighter, some darker…all beautiful, smart and loved. Children are born blind to prejudices and that needs to be protected and encouraged so they grow into secure and open-minded adults.


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