My kids are biracial, not black!

Kellie Devine
Tulare, CA

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9 Responses to "My kids are biracial, not black!"
  1. Gypsy Rose says:

    As a biracial person myself, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I personally identify as mixed-race and not black, because I feel that to label myself black would be to disregard half of my heritage, and therefore to reject part of my identity (especially since I was raised predominantly by the anglo side of my family). With that said, I believe that it is ultimately up to your children to make that decision. No one else can define us, not even those who love us dearly.

    • Steve_A_Williams1 says:

      I would say the problem is that society compels individuals to select one identity over another rather than embracing both.

  2. RVN says:

    Would you feel the same way if someone called you white or does “black” hold a negative conotation that you like having the option to identify or not identify with as you so choose?

    • Gypsy Rose says:

      Yep, I feel the same way. I’m Ghanaian-Australian, so in Australia I’m considered black and in my father’s homeland I’m considered white. Neither labels sit well with me. That’s not because I have shame, it’s simply because I’ve come to realise that I am both – and to disregard one in order to neatly fit into a category of race would not be living my truth. That’s just my personal opinion, and I have cousins who see their identities very differently than i do.

  3. Stormy says:

    Welcome to America where your children will be seen as “black” and furthermore will paint “black” as somehow lesser.

    • Chantelle Annette Brown says:

      It doesnt matter what people or society thinks they are mixed regardless but its up to the person who is mixed to identify with what they want to identify as.

  4. Jazz says:

    LOL NO, Black is confined the descendant of an enslaved african in America. Thats why there was a ONE drop rule, Black isnt a race in any sense is race based on scientific or anthropology, It’s a sociopolitical term of status/condition in which being white was a free status and being black a status of servitude.

    You dont want your child to be labeled black because of the racism behind that word. Mixed kids were sold on the block along with other enslaved africans.
    Black and white are terms of color, in law, a color being used in a legal document should be understood as meaning a falsity

    Your kid/kids are historically, and legally “Blacks”. Accept it.
    Regardless, they will still be treated as Black people due to American Racism.

    • Chantelle Annette Brown says:

      Mixed biracial and mutiracial people are not black it doesnt matter what society says or what people like you say they are mixed not black that really ignorant to tell somebody to choose one race over another deal with it.

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