Kindergarten without English. I’m still fine.

Vishwa Dhuleshia,
Shrewsberry, MA.

I started Kindergarten knowing how to say only two things in Enlgish: “my name is Vishwa” and “I have to go to the bathroom.” I spent the first 3 years of Elementary school going to ESL classes while my classmates took spelling classes. Those few years I had to face the “what are you even trying to say” or “I can’t believe you can’t pronounce that” from the other kids. Now, as a senior in high school, none of my friends believe this story. My English is just as good as theirs, you wouldn’t even be able to guess that it’s my second language. I feel that there’s this stigma that people who’s first language isn’t English aren’t as capable in America but I’ve proved that wrong. I have been able to succeed in mostly everything I’ve tried. I’ve become secretary of the Speech and Debate team and president of the National Honor Society at my school. I’ve been able to tutor children in math and science and pass some of the highest courses offered by my school. I’ve made friends from all different backgrounds and enjoyed the past 18 years of my life. I can’t say that my rough beginning in Kindergarten has affected me negatively in any way. I’m just saying, I’m proof that you don’t need English as a first language to succeed.


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