Latin, Bald, Tattoos = Thug = Mistaken Identity

1923645_11184995934_2286_nEduardo Meza,
Albany, NY.

I get it! I look like the typical thug you will find in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout most of California. I know I am immediately judged by my cover. People mistake my form of self-expression for some sort of territorial gang branding. I am gay, latino, well-educated (Master’s Degrees), family-oriented and a philanthropist. Judging me on my looks alone robs individuals of getting to know a beautiful person. For some I’m “white-washed” for others I’m “a thug.” A tough position to be in when all I want to do is contribute to the betterment of our society. Be colorblind and open the door for endless opportunities.

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7 Responses to "Latin, Bald, Tattoos = Thug = Mistaken Identity"
  1. anonomous says:

    i think this is very true. it means that since you have a certain style that your a bad guy. it teaches us that people are judged based on their looks.

  2. Egypt Bracey says:

    I think its rude and that people need to stop being so judemental. Haven’t they every heard don’t judge a book by its cover

  3. Joshlamont says:

    While your main point is very well taken, my issue is with your evil goatee. Instantly has me stepping back and thinking “If this man steeples his fingers, I’m out of here.”

    • Princeandrey says:

      No evil. He’s a good looking chap, and I find nothing evil about his goatee. I’m white & I have a goatee and no one thinks I’m “evil.” It’s just bosh.

  4. escabrosa1 . says:

    Interesting subject. While race is an accident of birth, style and attitude are choices. If you dress and/or act like you want to be a bad-ass, I’m probably going to wonder why you chose that image.

    • Princeandrey says:

      “Choices”? Only religious folk believe that sort of thing. Mainly, we live predetermined lives, determined by class, family, ethnicity,genetics, that sort of thing. You know, the sort of thing that educated and enlightened people recognize.

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