Let them stare, it doesn’t matter

Samantha Charter,
Phillipston, MA.

My six words may seem a little odd until you hear the story behind them. I am white and my boyfriend is not. I grew up in a small predominantly white town and because of this the few non white families in town tended to stick out a little. No one made a huge deal of it especially my parents we were raised not to see race or color as an issue because they themselves did not. It was not until I got older and met my first non white boyfriend that it became an issue, not for us so much as everyone else it seemed. My friends and family were fine with the fact he wasn’t white but at times when he would visit me and we would go out we received looks and judgmental stares from people around the area. I never noticed because for me it was home I never imagined the area I lived in and loved would be like that until he started pointing it out to me. It bothered me and it still does but I have come to realize that its their problem not ours and whats more important is how much we love each other not what others think.

Truthfully him being my first non white boyfriend has also opened up a whole other world for me. at times it feels like there is an imaginary divide between us when things such as ferguson or baltimore happen but at the same time I begin to understand the other side of the story and it leads to some very interesting debates between the two of us.


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