Lights flipped, pulled over, relax brother

JC Ousley
Houston, TX

In 1998 I bought a new red corvette despite my mother’s plea, she said the car was trouble for a black man. On the day the car was delivered, I was driving to my parent’s home to show off my new vette when I was pulled over by three Chicago police cars, the officers, all white, had their guns drawn as they approached me. There was a black officer who arrived later and remained in his vehicle, I looked directly at him and he looked away. The officers asked me where I was going and what I did for a living (I’m a medical professional). I politely told them and asked why I was pulled over. I never got an explanation. While I waited for them to check my plates and registration, I took the opportunity to have the “talk” with my 6 yr.old son who was in the car with me. The officers returned my drivers license and registration and told me to have a nice evening. Shaken, I continued on to see my parents and I never told of the incident. My son who is now 20, never forgot it.


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