Living In Accordance With Nature’s Way

Chad Howarth,
Oceanside, CA

We are each responsible, regardless of race, for making ourselves strong. The particular suffering that is in our blood, and imposed by accident of birth, are the weights we are given so that we might lift them and become strong.

I am not particularly sensitive to popular race issues for this reason. I want everyone to be equal in the eyes of the law so that they will be free to grow from whatever suffering has beset them. However, I do not want to prop anyone up based on characterizations of oppression as seen in popular political narratives. This is an ad-supported worldview; it is not germane to the reality we live in.

Suffering is the very mechanism of our growth. Anyone who would promise to free us from it is a tyrant.

This is not to say that we should not lend one another a hand as we struggle through our growing pains; we should. It is to say that I do not owe this to anyone and that no amount of authoritarian force can solve the problem. For supporting others to have real value it has to be done from the heart, not with a gun to the head.

Social fabric, not socialism. The suppression of charity by way of ever-mounting taxation is how to make us all sick in the head. The difference between the choice to give, and being forced to give means everything to the heart of a nation.

I choose to be supportive of people who accept accountability for the quality of their own lives. I regard self-destructive people who make demands of the world to be my enemies.

There are only 2 kinds of people in the world, and they can be of any color.


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