Living liberal in a conservative home.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Both my parents are very conservative when it comes to politics and everything. I grew up learning from them, but once I hit college, my views started to change. Both my parents have Masters degrees and were principals for most of their careers. They were born in the 50’s and I think it is just the way they were raised. They were both born in Orange County, which is pretty conservative. Being born in the late eighties and now living in 2018, I think I can relate more to the social injustices we face today. I am pro gay marriage, pro immigration, pro freedom of religion, as well as many other liberal views. I believe everyone has a right to live in our great nation, and should have the freedoms to live their life the way they want to. Living in a conservative town with conservative family can be tough at times, but I try to not talk about it all that much anymore. However, I will speak my mind and defend those who are being mistreated.
I guess you could say I am white and privileged. I grew up in an upper middle class family, and I do believe that white people live a much easier life. Is that fair? Of course it isn’t. That is why I continue to fight for my friends of color. They deserve every chance and opportunity that I have, and I will continue to stand by them, even if it means being looked down upon.


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