You look Scandinavian but wrong color

Stacy Reuille-Dupont,
Durango, CO.

This was a statement made to me by a woman at work. She was a client, me an employee. She had been curiously watching me. She was Finnish and had previously remarked that she struggled to capture English spoken around her. I assumed her glances were about language until one day she tapped me on the shoulder and made this statement. I am Caucasian, 3rd generation American (USA), but to her my olive skin, dark hair, and eyes did not match my ethnic features. When I informed her my mother was Scandinavian & my father French, She snapped her fingers and said “that’s it” as she walked away. Her curious glances stopped and her smiles became more free. This experience reminds me how complicated the issue continues to be – as now I have introduced another layer of ethnic complexity into our human race with the addition of the next generation in my children.


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