My Looks Don’t Define My Bloodline

Sierra McGeoghegan,
Weymouth, MA.

Growing up and even now I am always denied my Mexican heritage by lots of people of all races. I am Irish + Mexican and a few other races. My family treated my Hispanic blood as a taboo, the Latinos I knew as a child rejected me once I shared I was half white. I am 17 now and my plans are to travel to Texas + Mexico to learn from Mexicans their culture, how they want it to be experienced. To be completely honest I am scared of rejection- that I will be hated on and unwanted, but this is an life experience that I cannot leave undiscovered. Wish me the best for that experience. I’m thinking that I will write about it and put it online for others to witness. Thank you for doing what you do Ms. Michele Norris, your helping us minorities to feel important and that is a long needed thing. – Sincerely,
Sierra McGeoghegan


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