Lost culture, lost opportunities, lost hope.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-19-at-9.11.29-AMMarvin Hardy,
Ferguson, MO.

Born in and raised in Saint Louis, it’s amazing how much an African-American male has to give to make a success of himself. From a early age in the 80’s, I was told never to travel alone south of Interstate 64. This was the barrier that separated predominantly poor AA’s from the north, from the Caucasian population to south. Amazingly, life here has still not changed. While the Mike Brown shooting has been and remains a catalyst for socio-economic and racial plights, Ferguson and greater st. Louis (the world) have really never changed. I cannot blame White America, many of whom had nothing to do with Slavery and institutional racism. However, the system is made to excluded my ethnic origin. We are the only group within the History Of America that never was accepted or culturally assimilation into society. As a AA male within St. Louis I have been singled out by authorities in every way imaginable. The answer is not simple, however, with access to education, careers (not jobs), a living wage (not minimum wage) society can start to move toward hope.


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