“The majority won’t address Racism honestly”

Barry Irving,
Syracuse, NY.

…white people are bred from the notion color superiority and first privilege. They don’t see others as equal and that is a distortion that is age old. So when addressing race, the new descendants of old Racism think that they have no blame whatsoever. Even though Their social attitudes are in many cases not even capable of addressing the issue with honesty. There is a great deal of guilt and so the tendency is to Blame while accusing people of color of doing the same thing. That is not a response, that’s a denial. I am sure that today’s young White people have difficulty with owning their part of the racist attitudes that exist today. To deny the institutional indoctrination which is the real social divider, is to act dishonestly… consciously or unconsciously.

White people should learn to get past their prickly reaction to racial issues. You can’t make the historical victims of Racism…Racists. Racism is a cause of strife…reacting to, protesting against or calling out Racism cannot be Racism itself!


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