They make better slaves than citizens.

John Littleton
Deerfield, IL

Blacks in America today are too far removed from slavery that any and all complaints and entitlements are irrelevant. Blacks are the biggest racists in America. They’re so smart, so brilliant, so special? As even The Economist pointed out, affirmative action must be abolished. If we’re all equal, there should be no handicaps. Fact is, when left to their own devices, blacks cannot conduct themselves the way other ethnicities do. They in-fight, they squander, and they kill each other. Then they expect others to feel some sort of guilt and bail them out. The majority of blacks have proven they can’t succeed as citizens. When Africans were slaves to other Africans, and later, owned by the Spanish, and then even later owned by plantation owners in the south, they were clothed, fed, and given shelter. Much like incarceration today. Blacks have always been, and always will be, slaves. And they have only themselves to blame.


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