Man, that white boy got soul.

awesomeMichael Doran,
Selinsgrove, PA.

I am a student of music, and I love with the genre of soul/blues music like The Temptations or John Legend. Once, at an audition for the Voice, I was approached by a group of black guys who told me the six words above.

It amazes how these barriers of white privilege have truly affected my life in such a horrendous way. As a freshman in college, I was informed of this secret privilege that I truly had no idea I had, but it was so irrefutably true. I was horrified, and that is how every privileged white male should feel. We need a world of justice and equality, but where is it in this so called land of the free? Exactly. It is missing. I hope that my generation can provide a level surface for future generations to build a country without racism, sexism, or bigotry.


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