Marrying a white Hispanic isn’t mixing


I’m married to a dark haired dark eyed white skinned Spanish speaking man of pure European descent. He is Spanish. We live in Spain! When many of my American friends comment on our biracial marriage or our children being mixed I want to correct them but feel that by doing so i’ll come across racist. They assume since he speaks Spanish he must have some native South American blood flowing through him. It’s an especially conflicting situation when those who truly are in biracial marriages invite me to ‘share’ in the experience. I guess being in a mono racial marriage that is so often mistaken as biracial almost qualifies me to be part of the club.

While I don’t want to offend anyone by telling them “I’m NOT in a biracial marriage,” I also want to clear up some misinformation. Spaniard are a white–European!

It’s like if someone keeps calling me Ashley. I have nothing against people named Ashley, but I’m not one of them!


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