Met your daughter now it matters

IMG_9440Charles McCoy Owens,
Chicago, IL.

Throughout my life, both professional and private, white people who are friends have said to me that race doesn’t matter and that they see me as Charlie, a person just like everybody else. Interestingly though when I am the same age as their daughters or sisters and a friendship begins to develop my blackness came very clearly into the focus.

On one particular occasion when I took my first teaching job, I was at dinner with the Headmaster and his family and the race conversation came up. They assured me that I was seen as a person and as charlie who is a great teacher and has a funny personality. At that point I’d had enough and said “cool, do you mind if I date your daughter” the Headmasters quick reply was “Watch it….you’re treading on dangerous ground”. I’m glad he was finally able to see that I am black as should anybody else who encounters me because it isn’t a hinderance to my identity. It’s a wonderful thing to be a black male.


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