Metis: but you don’t know that.

Victoria McCord,
Cincinnati, OH.

Describing myself is always a challenge (in a USA context). I can’t check one simple box of who I am. I’m white. I’m also Metis – an indigenous tribe in Canada. Most people can’t recognize this, and I am flattered when some people can. It is uncomfortable when I tell someone I’m Metis and they try to tell me I’m not. Words I associate with my experience are: confused, privileged, insecure, defensive, accepted, rejected, and criticized.
Sometimes I don’t know how to feel about who I am, I’m often conflicted, but also proud.
People assume me to be something I’m not, such as because I’m white I’m racist, ect. My friend used the term “white-ish” to describe me. I am white(ish), but I’m not prejudiced.


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