About as Mexican as apple pie

Ian2015Ian Castruita,
Tempe, AZ.

I have a Scottish first name, am sometimes mistaken for Italian or Arabic, and was raised by my Mexican immigrant Pop and Scotch/French-Canadian Mom (who are both fluent in Spanish but never taught me or my siblings how to speak it). My half-siblings on my biological Father’s side are more strongly connected to our Mexican heritage, but I’ve always seen it as something that defined others more than me. I think of myself as “American”, and say that almost as much to separate myself from my Mexican ancestors as to also confirm that I’m their progeny. Declaring that on this site is slightly uncomfortable, but I guess I’m just used to seeing how strongly other hispanics hold to their heritage and feel that I’m drawing a line in the sand to say – “That’s great, but that’s not me.” The truth is that I’m also in a unique position because I don’t “look” Mexican, and beyond Spanish spoken between my parents so I wouldn’t know what was being said, and tamales being cooked by my Pop every December, I never really had it taught to me that I should feel strongly connected to that part of my family’s history.


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