I am Mexican, Black, and American

My 6 word memoir is about my family because I am Mexican, but my cousins are black and Mexican. Most of my family is Mexican because my mom’s side is all Mexican and so is my dad’s side. But on my mom’s side I have black cousins. Some experiences I’ve had with racism is when Donald Trump said mean things about Mexico and how they are bad people. I also had an experience with race and racism when someone said, “Hey are you from China?,” and they said because I squint a lot and I was really offended by that when I heard that. If you’re wondering what my ethnicity is, it is hispanic. In my neighborhood there are lots of people that are hispanic and I feel like that’s why they put a police station near my home because they feel like it is a very dangerous neighborhood. But in Balboa Park it’s a peaceful place and I almost never see a police car there or never hear a siren but I kind of almost hear mostly sirens because there is a hospital near bye. I used to think that there were a lot of police in my neighborhood because there was a lot of homeless by the train station but now I think I know why. I think the police feel our neighborhood is dangerous because lots of latinos and hispanics live there. I don’t think it’s very dangerous though because it is peaceful with lots of people minding their own business. In my culture everybody in my neighborhood would put dia de los muerto decorations because almost everybody there was hispanic and so do we put up decorations. My family is also christian and we believe in god but we don’t really go to church any more like we used to. We do celebrate christmas though because it brings us a lot of joy. We also celebrate this holiday called, ¨Los Reyes Magos,¨ which is a holiday similar to christmas. I am actually black from my mom’s side. My dad’s side of the family is one hundred percent Mexican. So that means that I am 99% Mexican because the majority of my family is Mexican and 1% black because I have only one set of cousins that are black.


Race is not real. According to psychlologytoday.com “Race is real but, not in the way we think because race is only something that people think exists because people have different skin colors or look differently.” Also according to them there is only one race and it is called Homo sapiens. I think that race should be something that separates you not by how you look but by the way you act. Martin Luther King Jr. said people should be judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. This evidence proves that race is something that was socially made not scientifically discovered. Although race isn’t real, racism is because people sometimes do offend other people that have a different skin tone. We are the same because we are all one human species so that means we are all equal, we just look different.


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