Mexican Until Death Does Me Apart

Anaisa Sanchez,
Riverside, CA.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom made sure I knew about all the Mexican Traditions within our culture. Of course growing up Mexican you always listen to everything your respectful elders comment on. However, as I’ve gotten older, I question everything that crosses my path. For example, there are just some traditions that I don’t like enough or I don’t want to carry on, but people within my family can become really upset with me. On the other hand, I praise my family for raising us (the women in particular) for giving us options. My mom and dad taught us how to work in two different fields, both equally important. My mother taught us how to cook and all the difficulties it takes to keep the household together. However, my dad taught us how to work and deal with people in the workforce. In many Mexican families, the women are required to work and bring the money home, make sure the men are always taken care of, that the laundry is done, and whenever the men are hungry for us to cater to them. But I am so very thankful my parents sought a future for us since we were born, they believed in our education, and always continue to be our number one supporters. We are very blessed to have them to run back to when everything else fails.


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