We’re all a minority of one.

danDan Rice,
Ames, IA.

As a 55 year old white guy in higher eduction I have been part of dozens of diversity awarness workshops. I teach and present on many subjects concerning diversity issues. After 2 dozen year of such activitiy I finally simply portray and live the fact we are all different – with different qualities, attributes, beliefs, colors, sizes, ages, etc… I have given up with lables and any more I don’t even try to sterotype or prejudge anything other than want is presented to me. The old “Don’t Assume – makes an ASS out of U and ME” has rung true way too many times for me that I just don’t assume anymore – especially when it comes to race, gender, or religion.. I simply look at us all as humans and grow relationships or dismiss them from there. I don’t think I am privilaged to think this way – just practical and honest.


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