Mixed baby coming soon inlaws afraid

1416325859372Thomas Campbell,
Allentown, PA.

Me from Bronx NYC, she from Mclean VA. Her parents are affraid our child will never be given a fair break because they are mixed race.

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5 Responses to "Mixed baby coming soon inlaws afraid"
  1. barry irving says:

    …reality check…that’s White people saying what they know to be true about other White people. They believe in your inherent inferiority according to what they learned culturally. Interracial couplings are difficult for that reason…truth!

  2. Raykel White says:

    Don’t worry about them! Have your baby! Life is hard for everybody and while there maybe disadvantages to being mixed raced there are also tons of advantages as well. I’d recommend just teaching your child to love themselves, not because of their race but because of who they are as a person.

  3. cuddlesis18 says:

    If you are so worried then why didn’t you get with someone your own race?

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