Mixed and feeling like I’m voiceless.

Charlie J.,
Honolulu, HI.

People who are mixed race (and identify with both/all sides of their heritage) are expected to sit quietly in a corner while white people and poc duke it out. For example, I’m always ‘too white’ or ‘too hispanic’ to have an opinion when racist things are being said around me, and it makes me feel like I’m a sellout when I try to argue against whatever the popular opinion is that day. There are a lot of multiracial individuals have a foot in both worlds, where they can see the good and bad in both sides of the argument, but no one wants to hear them. I’ve seen fights about white privilege and reverse racism in the comments section of blog posts, but the second that someone says, “Hey! I’m mixed. I don’t 100% agree with any of you but I do agree with a few key points from either side, here’s why… ” it’s largely ignored. I hope that multiracial people gain more visibility soon, because our voices deserve to be taken as seriously as any monoracial person’s does.


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