“She mixed?” as oppossed to stirred?

Marblehead, MA.

My husband is of Italian decent and has dark features, such as brown eyes, black hair, olive skin. I am 100% Irish with light features: light brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Our oldest daughter shares the same dark features as my husband. Once while picking up a few thing at a Walgreens the cashier made a comment about how “cute” my daughter was. Then she asked if she was “mine.” When I confirmed I was her mother the cashier then asked “is she mixed?” I was in such shock. First off, what made this cashier feel inclined to ask such a personal question, let alone be privy to the answer (along with everybody else in the line) and second, why are multiracial people (supposed and otherwise) expected to just take comments like this with a grain of salt and politely answer?


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