My mom and dad speak English!

R.E.A.L. Talk,
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7th Grade Trailblazer

Both my parents grew up in Mexico. When people see me they think they have to translate in Spanish for me. It seems everyone always asked “Do you know English?” When I was only six, the stereotypes I was exposed to were “You look Mexican, do you eat burritos?” and “Do you speak Spanish only?” or “Do you know english?” I’m portrayed as a kid who doesn’t know English well. People may assume my parents must not be able to speak English. I was born and raised in San Diego. At home, we speak both languages, Spanish and English. This is important to share because just because I look Mexican, you may not know that I could speak many different language other than Spanish. It takes a real dedicated parent to show their child what real culture is, false information takes a toll on kids later it’s better to know that race is a category to divide people. That is why it’s important to education young people. I know that race is what divides us it’s the word that made slaves work day and night, the word that broke lives, the word that was used for the splitting of equals.

Race is a myth.

Race is something that is a sensitive but important topic to talk about. Not many people know the truth. Race is not biologically real, but socially real. There is no such thing as race such as categories humans by the way they physically look. Bill Nye, a well-known scientist who is the CEO of The Planetary Society, states that “there is no such thing as a purebred dog, if you breed a chihuahua and a great dane it’s just a mix of genes that is the outcome, not a purebred species.” He has gotten controversial feedback on people not as open minded to the facts, but there isn’t anything that he can do. It’s a fact that race is a man-made idea. There are studies that “it’s not very healthy to put “labels” on people.” This is related to race in humans because even though each human has different traits they are all one species; human. The truth is labels don’t help at all, they make it seem as one person is more superior to another. As the Newsweek stated “It seems that the belief in human races, carrying along with it the prejudice and hatred of “racism,” is so embedded in our culture and has been an integral part of our worldview for so long that many of us assume that it just must be true”. Even though, race is a sensitive topic we should all learn to use our voice and not stay quiet.


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