Mom’s white. Dad’s black. I’m spotted.

IMG_20150108_105418_540William Jones,
Reisterstown, MD.

It’s Vitiligo. Yes, it’s what Michael Jackson had. It basically means the cells that make skin color stop doing that. All though you can’t see it as well in lighter complexions, anyone from any race can develop it, and at the age of about 30, I became one of the 1% of humans who do. What’s funny is that, as a bi-racial person, I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with race issues, from both sides, and wondering exactly where I fit. Now that I have white spots that will slowly but eventually completely cover my whole body, the idea of the color of a person has taken on a whole new meaning… and a much smaller one I think. When people ask about the spots, I explain. When people ask how I feel about it, I simply tell them that I spent the first half of my life as a really attractive black guy, and I plan to spend the second have as a really attractive white guy.


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