My family is not from England

Phoenix, AZ

The concept of race is a lie. I am pale, but I am not white. I am not from England either which is a large assumption for whites who live in America today. My family is also not from England. I am very mixed ethnic and I am a great-granddaughter of immigrants in America. My family did not participate in slavery. My family was beheaded for fighting for their own freedom, enslaved by other groups, and fled to America. It is upsetting and racist that I must be classified as white, colonizer, and totally erase my family’s history and culture because of the association my skin color brings. It’s also really frustrating that people think if you are pale you cannot have diverse DNA. I’m here to share what a lie it is. I am Portuguese, Asian, Scottish, Sardinian, Siberian, Tibetan, Khoi-san, and even Austronesian carrying rare Austronesian Albinism. I had so many different ethnicities I didn’t have a majority of one particular ethnicity.
Race is a lie that we’ve all been taught to believe and true progressivism is changing the way we talk about it.


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