My Foreign Land, My Children’s Homeland.

Robert Fang
Plano, TX

I am a Chinese. I came to US in 1977 when I was 27, full grown. My children were all born in US and raised in Texas. When my first son was 5 years old, I asked him casually, in Chinese, “Are you a little Chinese or a little American.? (你是小中國人還是小美國人?” Without hesitation, he said back in Chinese, “Little American. 小美國人” When he was 15, I asked, again in Chinese, “Are you Chinese or American?你是中國人還是美國人?” He answered back in English, “American”. When he was 25, I asked him the same question for the last time, in English, “Are you Chinese or American?” With a low and firm tone he said, “Dad, I am an American.” After raising a stepdaughter and two sons I realized that, they are truly Americans. All my Chinese friends call their kids ABC, American Born Chinese. I prefer to call them CPA, Chinese Parented Americans. On the other hand, after living here for 35 years I am still a Chinese. I wrote a Poem, in Chinese, called “異域故鄉, Foreign Land, Homeland”  YiYuGuXiang


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