My skin color eclipses my culture

IMG_0486Robyn Henderson-Espinoza,
Denver, CO.

Being light skinned and Mexican has been the hardest thing to navigate in life. A dark skinned mother and an Anglo father gave birth to a light skin mestiza.

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3 Responses to "My skin color eclipses my culture"
  1. Missusgarseeuh says:

    Bly do I know that feeling

  2. Missusgarseeuh says:


  3. barry irving says:

    …White is a social construct. I f You understand that you are Mexican then hoe can a Nationality manifest through a color?…You pass for “WHITE”, but what does that really mean if White is about Racial Superiority rather than ethnicity?

    …So Called whites are many ethnicities from European extraction and all those who pass for it, but again, what does White mean? If you don’t understand then you play into a social construct that downgrades your own people and you yourself. Color ID does not specify it Implies ambiguously…is it nationality, ethnicity, genetics, Race, culture, patriotism?…What?

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