My Skin Doesn’t Define Who I Am

Fiza Nadeem,
United Kingdom

Everyone, should accept you for who you are and if your different skin coloured, white, black or brown no one should label you or discriminate you. Everyone should have the rights to do what they want and go where they wont being a different colour shouldn’t prevent them. For example police and other forces / people should be fair if a group of people were sitting in a car and they were black they would do stop and search checks but if it was white they wouldn’t even have to look. It becomes unfair it privileges white people as they’re ‘ let off’ while black people suffer r and this isn’t fair.
I chose these six words as they are important to me as people should have the rights and opportunities t do what they want to do and they should be allowed to fight back and they should be given the same opportunities in life as anyone else not just be judged cause of the way they look or the skin colour. Society, doesn’t understand everyone is made different everyone is unique In their own way , shape an form.
Everyone should be treated equal. Everyone should be proud of what colour they are and not feel uncomfortable or scared of what people would think of them. they should accept themselves because colour doesn’t define who you are your personality doe the way you go about things does. All race matter and judgeing people for being lighter shouldn’t be privileged. You don’t chose your skin colour at birth or chose what family you belong to so this should stop.


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