My skin is BROWN not black.

Twanna Robinson
Thomasville, NC

In Sunday school one morning, a new child asked me why my skin was so dark. I told her it was because I am a black person. She looked at me for a minute and said nothing else to me for the rest of the hour. When her mother, picked her up, she said to her mother “Mommy, that grownup doesn’t know her colors. She doesn’t know that her skin is brown not black.” Simple but actually true. Had me really think about race and how I identified myself based on other’s definitions. I am a BROWN American who is part of the Human Race. I don’t deny my heritage, whatever that may be (not all brown people will have a Roots moment). From this point on, I will make an effort to avoid checking Black or African-American for my race and simply check other. If given the option, I’ll even write Brown Human and dare someone to correct me because I really do know my colors.


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