My Tenth Birthday Was Super Awkward

Wilson Sunny,
Sunnyvale, TX

I was born September 11th, 1991. Ten years later, a great national tragedy happened within the United States that shook the nation to the core. It was the first time, I believe, the term “terrorist” became a mainstream word. Not when Timothy McVeigh decided to blow up a building in Oklahoma City. Nor would Americans be called as such when they were first involved with fighting in the Middle East during the Gulf War. It’s only reserved when nations decide to attack America. But, I digress. When we learned about the attack, everyone was in shock. Once the shock subsided, anger arose. Anger for people who look a specific way. For those who wear a specific type of clothing, or for those who have a specific skin tone color. A color that I have. While the anger never led to physical violence in my life, it did lead to snide comments, especially with a birthday tied to the event. Others would ask “was that a gift from Uncle Osama?” The problem with the joke is I am not Middle Eastern. My parents were born in the South of India. But we were all just blindly melded together. I should be grateful that no physical harm came towards me. But, I know that there are those who did have to suffer persecution for events they had no hand in. Just as Japanese Americans had to face in the 1940’s. And just as those that have suffered after the 2016 election…


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