Why is your name Pablo?

IMG_4245Pablo Chauvin,
Portland, OR.

My name is Pablo and I’M WHITE. I grew up in a small town in Southern Oregon on a 40 acre commune. My parents are college educated and my Dad was a philosophy major with a never ending thurst for knowledge. So why the name Pablo? Growing up in a small town and going to a high school that is so small I knew everybody’s last name, I didn’t think twice about my name. College is a different story. My freshman year at Oregon State University was eye opening. You think meeting girls can be hard? I found myself introducing myself to women and being questioned about my name. “Tell me your real name”, one would say. “Show me your drivers license and prove it”, another would say. To this day, I still get questioned about my name. Are you hispanic? Where are your parents from? Where did you name come from?


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