My Name Was a White Girl

Brooke Cobbin
Jacksonville, FL

For years, I have been pleasantly surprising people because when they read my name Brooke (Morgan) Cobbin they expect to see a white girl. When they read my essays, my emails…they think I am white. It’s funny to me because of how names are trendy. How many Madisons do you know that were born between 2002 and 2012? What’s in a name? When you saw that I was black, did you feel differently? Did you think of some new questions to ask? I mean some people have been terribly honest. I began to wonder if this was why I continued to find myself as the only black girl in a particular group. It’s better now, but it still rests in the back of my mind. There are many educated, hard-working, black women named Brooke in this world!


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