The Nappy Headed Black Girl

Tre’zure Glover,
Banning, CA.

Being an African American woman comes with its assumptions and stereotypes. The main stereotype and assumptions deals with our hair. Many people question why is our hair so nappy? Why is it so greasy? How long does it take to grow? do you wash it everyday? Those are just some questions that I endured growing up. But to answer the question, no my hair is not nappy, it is kinky and has texture. My hair isn’t greasy, I keep it oil to keep the lice away and to give it some shine. My hair grows just as fast as an average person. And no I do not wash it everyday, because it does not require to be wash everyday, because it does not get dirty easily. So before you go and question/judge me based on my “nappy” hair, let me ask you a few questions. Why do you moisturize your hair? why do you get extensions that are sometimes similar to African American hair? why do you braid your hair or try to make it coarse like ours. We are all different, whether it comes to skin tones or to hair types. But just because my hair may be different than yours, it does not make me any less of a human being than you are. I am proud that God bless me to be African American and to have the hair type that I have, because without my kinky coarse hair, I wouldn’t be who I am. And that is a proud African American woman.


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