Neither Asian or White Enough

Fairbanks, AK.

I am tired of being told I am not white enough or Asian enough. As mixed race, racial identity is already hard enough. My mother is Korean and my father white. I identify as asian, my sisters identify as white. I am the most anglo looking, as they both look Asain. Me with my light hair and green eyes I look nothing like 3/4 of my family.

This comment by Freedom Chevalier sums up my feelings perfectly. “Like most people with a mixed ethnic heritage, I sometimes struggle to fit into a society that sees life in finites: black/white, gay/straight, right/wrong. Can the “others” that cause us to create new thoughts, new perspectives, survive in a world drawn-and-quartered along such absolutes? “

Its time to embrace our differences and to stop trying to categorized people into a box that makes you comfortable.


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