Never Enough Of A Particular Race

Yema Pizzuto,

Have you ever been told, “Really? But you don’t look…” Or “Oh yeah, I see how you’re…because you look…” Or the ‘Ol time favorite, “I’m sorry, I thought you spoke Spanish.” Yeah, not every mixed person is of Spanish decent. About the word “mixed”, it doesn’t imply that I’m just black and no that statement does not imply that I’m ashamed of being black. What? I “speak very white?” And by that you mean properly because black people shouldn’t speak with proper use of grammar. If I don’t say I’m fully black, then I’m “claiming the white side,” but did you ever consider I “look this way” for a reason? (Even though my father is half Scottish). If you asked me instead of assuming I would have told you I’m also Native American – no I don’t know my blood percentage, I just know where my family comes from. I’m even learning the language! So mvto! The reason for my rant is more built up frustration than anything else so thanks to this site that I have an outlet. Still I wish the racial ignorance would end.


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