No, I won’t do your homework

Dillon Pham,

As a person who enjoys volunteering and helping others, I typically don’t mind if my friends or fellow classmates ask me for help on their homework. Sometimes however, they ask me to send a picture of my homework because they don’t “get it.” This irritates me because one, I feel like I am just being used as an answer key, and two, I am faced with a dilemma. If I send my homework to this person, I risk them copying it without learning anything. However, if I refuse, I risk losing a friend or damaging a relationship. I feel like my ethnicity is a contributing factor to this problem. Being an Asian American, people sometimes presume I am “smart” even if they have never met me before. This assumption is caused by a popular stereotype that all Asians are smart. This stereotype is not always true. I think that anyone can be smart if they try their best and learn in school. As a student at SFHS, I set my goals and work hard to achieve my desired grades. With dedication and motivation, I believe that anyone can be just as successful and be seen as “smart.”


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