No, I’m not Italian or Spanish.

2014-08-27-09-42-23.471Michele Warch,
Georgetown, DE.

My mom is English and Native American. My dad is Scotch-Irish and German. I speak Cherokee and read some Gaelic. I have dark hair and green eyes. Its a gift of my mixed ancestry.

I have tattoos and ride a motorcycle. I also have a master’s degree and teach at the college level. No physical characteristic or body modification will tell you the story of WHO or WHAT I am. You have to ask. Then, you have to listen. It would be even better, if we could have an exchange of conversation so that I could learn WHO and WHAT you are, also. I like people. I’m interested in them.

Its ok to be proud of your heritage. It doesn’t make you racist unless you believe you’re BETTER than someone else. I’m not better than anyone. I can learn from you, and you from me. And, maybe more importantly, we can learn that we are all CONNECTED.
Blessed be.


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