No real difference… know real difference

cleanJohn Everett,
Miami, FL.

same difference~
it should be more about
who i am
than what i am,
see, i could survive
being you
but could you exist
being me?
i’m hated and shunned
just for my skins’ hue
no matter what i say
it doesn’t matter what i do
but you lie in the sun
to darken your complexion
and acquire fuller features
with collagen injections
do you see the contradiction
the incongruity
you wont admit that you do
but i know that you see
our situation is different
from any other race’s claims
they fought and died to get here
we were brought here in chains
oppressed and depressed
whipped and hanged
literally and figuratively
and the scars remain
and you say forget it
it’s all in the past
but we’re still second class citizens
in a country built on our backs
but above all that
and this is what’s magnificent
we’re so much more alike
than we are different


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