No white dolls only black ones

Faith Ramirez,
Manchester, NH

Racism in our country is something that is really heavy, It scares me how much it’s going to affect not just myself but my child. I joined a black moms group a little while back after I had my daughter, It’s been super helpful especially in a time like this except when a came across a specific post. Someone had asked if other moms in the group allowed their children to play with white baby dolls, before reading the comments I thought it was an odd question and thought for sure these other moms let their children play with whatever doll they want. To my surprise, almost every single comment was about how they refused to buy their children white baby dolls and would only allow dolls that looked like them. Now I know racism is real I’m not naive, I understand that my child will have to deal with some type of racism in her life simply because she’s black however, it never occurred to me that some mothers won’t even allow their children to play with certain colored dolls. I want to teach my daughter love I want her to love her skin and love everyone else around her. My daughter has a diversity of dolls she has black ones, white ones, mixed ones, curly-haired ones the list goes on. My response to this post was, we don’t live in a only black or white country we live in a diverse one. I know we have to teach our black daughters and sons to love themselves and the skin that they are in but I want her to also love everyone else. Racism isn’t kind it isn’t fair, it isn’t right, and it is something that our young children will keep learning and carrying to the next generation, It’s a cycle that just keeps repeating itself.


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