Not aplogizing for my white skin

Jillian Kurekova,

I am a 21 year old white female living in the ghetto. I have always been the outcast. I grew up in foster homes with black foster mothers and siblings, I have lived in all-black neighborhoods and went to all-black schools. I have never felt out of place surrounded by black people or white until now. I don’t know of it’s because of the fact that I am not a teenager anymore or because of the current events but the racial tension has gotten unbearable. Black people consistently refer to me as “the white girl” and not in the joking matter that they did when i was a child. For all of you people who think black people can’t be racist, I am here to tell you that they can. No, not prejudiced; racist. They genuinely feel superior to you. It is hard for a black woman in America and I will never understand but I can tell you that it is also very hard for a white woman in the ghetto and that’s something a black woman will never understand.


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