Not “bi-racial”, not “mixed”, just human!

Tyler Brown,
Washington, DC.

As an African American and Irish American man ppl have referred to me as biracial or mixed for most of my life…both terms uncover misunderstandings about race and what makes a person. One being can’t be two races at the same time, neither can they be mixed like cake batter in a bowl.

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One Response to "Not “bi-racial”, not “mixed”, just human!"
  1. Ryan Hill says:

    no, i’m “two or more races”. I prefer bi-racial to black or mulatto. In fact i hate the term, “mulatto” sounds like mud, but the definition is okay. And my skin color is brown not black like this picture of you, i assume.
    Yeah, you are neither, one race or the other, your parents are that and your experiences with them (if so lucky) influence you. But you are however, mixed like cake batter in a bowl that’s what happens when the egg and sperm join and then cells start dividing and replicating. Your parents genes are mixed together to create you.
    I am also an African American and Irish American but have been labeled as Black most of my life and had an identity crisis in high school because i thought i was Brown/mixed (which i am) not black. Though i understand society might see me as black, society has been changing over recent years and now starts to notice more so then ever before muliti-racial people.

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