Not black, brown, neither white, beige

lalalalallalaaIda Nielsen,

I think it’s wrong to use the words BLACK and WHITE. I mean: I got a lighter skin tone, than the people you would call black, but that doesn’t mean that I’m white. No, I’m not white, and they are NOT black.
If I was white, then you shouldn’t be able to find me, if I stood up against a white wall. If they were black, then you shouldn’t be able to find them, if they stood up against a black wall. But i’m not White, and they are NOT black! That’s the wrong words to use. You should use brown, dark brown, light brown, beige, dark beige, light beige. There are so, so, soo many other worlds to use.
I hope that one day, people will teach their children, that there aren’t just white and black people, but instead learn them to use the proper adjectives when it comes to skin color.
I hope that one day the world would understand, and not just separate people into groups based on ‘which color they are’.

((Note: I also think you shouldn’t use the word: Yellow, but instead there are the word: light beige or golden beige))


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