Not all innocent. Not all guilty.

Caroline Kish,
Dunwoody, GA.

I will not deny that race continues to reek extreme havoc on modern day social order. I see it every day at my high school, in the news, and even on the billboards lining the highway. We can all say that we ‘don’t see color’, but in reality, there are not many truly color blind people in the world. Most of us can’t help resorting to stereotypes the instant we see someone who is not a member of our race.

But this does not mean that we are all racist. Today, many think in black and white and generally tend to emphasize the licentious tendencies of human character. But we are not inherently evil, and if we work together to break down the barriers between the peoples of the world that have stood for centuries, we can make peace with who we all are.


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