What I am, not just “Asian”.

Alvin Vang,
Fresno, CA.

Well as you can see I am Asian but if you dont know what type of Asian I am you can’t just call me a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philipian, Thai, Laos, Cambodian, Malay, and etc. You can ask me likw what race of asian are you instead of taking a huge racist guess saying oh you’re chinese because of your eyes. See now that’s not how it works you know because what if im not none of the above of what you said I am, now that will make you look racist and idiotic. Also not only that people mistake me for Chinese or Japanese and I’m like “hey calm down with the Asian guessing game” if you want to know what type of Asian I am just ask dont be guessing like Chinese or Japanese. Like there are tons of stereotypes for Asians but you can speak of me as you want but hey I am proud of what I am and my heritage.


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