Not Mexican Looking “You know Spanish!?”

Daisy Reyes,
Rialto, CA.

Even as a little girl in Mexico I was the “Chinita” (little Chinese). When I came to the U.S., I was either confused with Filipino or just Asian when people couldn’t figure out which race. My now husband, has been confused with a Hindu. We are both Mexican-born. But the thing I always get when I talk in Spanish to him or my son is “You know Spanish!?” follow by “I thought you were Filipino or Asian” Even Filipinos have confused me as Filipino. Funny thing my husband calls me “My Chinita” and friends of him asked him if I was really Chinese. Now with my son, I wonder if he would encounter any racial questions once he grows up. It has never bothered me that I get confused, I am proud to be Mexican-American and we are going to pass down our heritage to our son. Shout out CBU HIS311!


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